This was taken Nov. '08.. a year and a month before I started I was a little bigger than this..


Lost in the dust of the wagon...

...but I'm hoping that this will embarrass me back onto the wagon.... This is a MAJOR EFFIN SET BACK!

*CURRENT WEIGHT: 221 lbs.*
I know not to even attempt to even catch back up to the wagon, I'm just going to keep it in view until MONDAY. I know I know.. I should just jump on it.. BUT I have family coming into town and we're going to the fair... need I say more?? SO to save myself the self-bitching session afterwards, I'm waiting til MONDAY. I will also be able to go shopping for the foods I need this weekend. 

I'm hoping to be able to get my ass up out of bed and back into the gym. It's just really hard to get out of bed at 4 in the morning.. but it's even harder to go in the evenings after I've settled down, ya know? And I'm gone to Dustin's a lot, too... so I need just to just suck it up and make my ass get out of bed... lol

We shall see.. What will help out A LOT is the cooler weather.. Cooler weather = not hard to eat soup. I cannot make myself eat soup in the warmer months.. I will vomit.. it's really weird... BUT when it's cooler I can tear up some soup.. SO I should be able to knock off some weight that way.. 

What's going to be hard to kick is my new addiction to MALTS! Wait, who am I kidding... it's not a new addiction... VANILLA shakes/malts/whatever are a HUGE WEAKNESS for me!!! It's like my soda.. lol.. I think I'll be able to.. I can at least wing myself down to 1 a week.. I think that's doable.. 

So, yeah.. there you have it.. What majorly sucks is the fact that I see what needs to be done, but I just don't do it!! BUT It's rough getting into my size 16s and it's not pretty... not that it was that pretty to begin with, BUT it was a lot prettier 21 lbs ago, lmao.

I'll keep you updated... Luckily I haven't been going to the aspen clinic, so at least I'm not wasting money that way...


Wow, it's been FOREVER!!!

I'm sad to say I have fallen off my wagon :( But I am planning on getting back on. I haven't completely fell off.. I still eat pretty good.. but I have been allowing snacks... like chocolate covered icecream :( it sucks... I feel horrible and like a pig when I do, I don't know what's up with me!!! I'm still taking the adipex. And I'm staying under 200.. and I didn't take it like I was supposed to (only 1/2 a pill a day) for a few days because I couldn't afford the Rx..

This weekend is my birthday. Monday I will start back dieting and exercising like I'm supposed to. I posted a pic up top of me from November of 2008.. That was a year and a month give or take before I started my diet.. so I know I was bigger than that.. Like something stupid I didn't take a before pic or measurements! (such a loser!)

Anywho. It's really weird.. For awhile I was like "yeah, I'm looking damn good.. losing this weight woot" then one morning I woke up and BAM my thoughts were back to the "damn, I'm a fucking FAT ASS" when I looked in the mirror.. I know I should still be like "damn, I look good... 66 lbs off.. woot!" but I can't.. I think it's because I haven't been doing what I'm supposed to be doing.. We'll see.. I have to do.. I've lost 66.. I know I can lose the 50 more!!

I'll try to get a now pic up here for you.. All I have is headshots....

Hope all is going better for you!!

**Current Weight**



SO sorry!! I completely forgot to come back and post this for you guys!! Please, forgive me!!

Anywho!! Here's the link for you guys to check out.

So far I haven't done anything, BUT the contest just started yesterday. My username on there is donnajo13. You can start a team, so if you're interested in starting one, let me know! AND we can come up with a name and stuff! It should be lots of fun :)



...I rescheduled my appt. from Saturday to this afternoon. So I go to The Aspen Clinic at 4:30 today. Super fun.. But it sucks because normally I got in the mornings, so I only have breakfast in me.. so now I'm going in the afternoon so I'll have Breakfast, lunch, and everything I drink.. Oh well, I'll just get to lose more next time around, right? lol.. j/k!

I haven't been exercising like I should be.... BUT the good news is that time changed... so it's actually LIGHT outside when I get home! And me and my sister are supposed to be starting to walk on the trail next to where my niece plays soccer..during my niece's practice... We did it last week.. but didn't this week, unless we do it tonight.. So I'll get some walking down for sure 3 times a week...but I also have my gym membership, so I can always go there, too!

Which I did last night and this morning... now if only I could keep it up!! I think I will be because I saw in my Family Circle magazine last night a contest going on..don't remember the site or the company doing it.. anyways.. you register with their site (it's free!) and you enter in your walking information every day/evening/whenever and you're entered into a drawing. They're doing daily winners AND first place/grand prize winners, also. It's from April 5th-June 12..or was it July 12th? I'll get the info and post it on here this evening/weekend.. But the prizes are great exercise equipment.. and the grand prize is a trip... but like I said, I'll post all the details on here.

I might not have been exercising like I should be, but I've kept up my eating habits. Except for my pieces of chocolate I had this weekend....but I didn't binge eat or anything.. I just had 2 mini reece cups... so it's ok!

Anywho...I'll post my appointment results later this evening, also. :) Hope all is well with you guys!!

Current *UNofficial* weight:
209 lbs


4th visit to Aspen and a little catchin up

Today at my appointment @ The Aspen Clinic... I weighed in at 217!! That's 10 more pounds off for a total of 46!!!!! Yay!!!! 23 more pounds and I will be half way to my goal!!! Super awesome!!!! :)

I haven't done any exercising. But I haven't been laying around all the time either... not saying I don't have my lazy days, lol... BUT I will be getting my ass back in the gym..that way I will be down even more! :)

I've been eating right still. I cheated only once. And that was a slim slice of a Gambino's Pecan Praline king yeah.. That was definitely a must.. if you smelled it, you would say the same! haha

I've had some help from YOPLAIT with my cravings.. I love yogurt. And Yoplait is pretty much THE best! If it says it is cinnamon tastes like a cinnamon roll... WELL.....lookie what I found at Target a few weeks ago!!!! I always said they needed to make this one....

And it tastes REALLY good, too!!! :) So there's my secret.. I try not to crave what Yoplait doesn't make, yet. lol Now if I could find more of the raspberry cheesecake one, I will be set for life... well, that and my Fage Greek yogurts :)

That's all for now!! Hope all is well with you!!


3rd Visit to Aspen

I don't know what the deal is.. I weighed before I went and my scale said 225....their scale said 227? Do blue jeans weigh that much? lol.. Of course, I did weigh at home before I had my slimfast, too.. but they do the bmi test, so you weigh in w/ no shoes on, so I know it wasn't being completely dressed.... who knows.. At least it was just 2 pounds and not like 10. lol.. All in all it wasn't too bad. I just really need to get my ass in the gym!!! Anywho. I lost another 11 pounds for a total of 36!! Not too shabby! I think anyways. The doc said for me not to get discouraged when the scale don't drop a pound or two every other day like it has been because I am starting to get into the "old fat" and it doesn't burn off as fast as the new fat does. He said that "new fat" is mainly water, so you drop it a lot quicker. So yeah.. I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing and go from there.

I did buy 2 big packs of skinless/boneless chicken breasts last night. And I de-fatted (yeah i don't think that's a word, haha, oh well, it'll be a Donna Jo Word) them all and put them in bags of 2. Because I cook them 2 at a time. When I cook them I just rub on McCormick Chicken Rub, rap them individually in foil, and pop them in the oven. Last night I tried them w/ olive oil...and I think I like just the rub better.. Last week I went to target and ended up finding a salad spitzer I like. It's made my Kemp (I think) It's a white label, if that helps. It's Raspberry Walnut. It's 15cals and 0.5f for 10 sprays...and trust me, you don't really need the 10 sprays b/c it's a strong taste..unless of course, you like how strong it is. It weird eating it b/c it looks like you put koolaid on your salad, but it's really good. Especially if you have some of the baked chicken, and you melt some cheese onto the chicken. Of course, the cheese makes it a lil bad.. then again if you're looking for more cals for your meal, you can get it from their. I really like it. Like I said it's a strong taste and I don't have to use all 10 sprays. I did over the weekend and it was almost too much for my taste.

Well, I think that's all that I have to say for now. Hope all is well with everyone and that your motivation is still going strong!! :)


Got on the scale this morning....

.....and I'm the lowest I've been in like 4-5 years!!!!! Ah! It's a great feeling!! I'm so happy!!!!! :)

I just thought I would share that with you guys. Of course, I could be WAY down BUT I haven't been exercising like I should be.. though I am eating right!!

I got Saturday for my 2nd visit to the Aspen Clinic and for an *official* weigh in. And of course I will post it on here :)

Current *unofficial* Weight:
225 lbs