This was taken Nov. '08.. a year and a month before I started I was a little bigger than this..


4th visit to Aspen and a little catchin up

Today at my appointment @ The Aspen Clinic... I weighed in at 217!! That's 10 more pounds off for a total of 46!!!!! Yay!!!! 23 more pounds and I will be half way to my goal!!! Super awesome!!!! :)

I haven't done any exercising. But I haven't been laying around all the time either... not saying I don't have my lazy days, lol... BUT I will be getting my ass back in the gym..that way I will be down even more! :)

I've been eating right still. I cheated only once. And that was a slim slice of a Gambino's Pecan Praline king yeah.. That was definitely a must.. if you smelled it, you would say the same! haha

I've had some help from YOPLAIT with my cravings.. I love yogurt. And Yoplait is pretty much THE best! If it says it is cinnamon tastes like a cinnamon roll... WELL.....lookie what I found at Target a few weeks ago!!!! I always said they needed to make this one....

And it tastes REALLY good, too!!! :) So there's my secret.. I try not to crave what Yoplait doesn't make, yet. lol Now if I could find more of the raspberry cheesecake one, I will be set for life... well, that and my Fage Greek yogurts :)

That's all for now!! Hope all is well with you!!


Jessica said...

Congrats on the pounds lost!

& Im gonna have to try some of those Yoplaits...

Donna Jo said...

They are super good! I love yoplait.. Oh... stay away from the weight watchers ones!! I've had 3 different ones and they almost turned me against yogurt, and I LOVE yogurt!