This was taken Nov. '08.. a year and a month before I started I was a little bigger than this..


3rd Visit to Aspen

I don't know what the deal is.. I weighed before I went and my scale said 225....their scale said 227? Do blue jeans weigh that much? lol.. Of course, I did weigh at home before I had my slimfast, too.. but they do the bmi test, so you weigh in w/ no shoes on, so I know it wasn't being completely dressed.... who knows.. At least it was just 2 pounds and not like 10. lol.. All in all it wasn't too bad. I just really need to get my ass in the gym!!! Anywho. I lost another 11 pounds for a total of 36!! Not too shabby! I think anyways. The doc said for me not to get discouraged when the scale don't drop a pound or two every other day like it has been because I am starting to get into the "old fat" and it doesn't burn off as fast as the new fat does. He said that "new fat" is mainly water, so you drop it a lot quicker. So yeah.. I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing and go from there.

I did buy 2 big packs of skinless/boneless chicken breasts last night. And I de-fatted (yeah i don't think that's a word, haha, oh well, it'll be a Donna Jo Word) them all and put them in bags of 2. Because I cook them 2 at a time. When I cook them I just rub on McCormick Chicken Rub, rap them individually in foil, and pop them in the oven. Last night I tried them w/ olive oil...and I think I like just the rub better.. Last week I went to target and ended up finding a salad spitzer I like. It's made my Kemp (I think) It's a white label, if that helps. It's Raspberry Walnut. It's 15cals and 0.5f for 10 sprays...and trust me, you don't really need the 10 sprays b/c it's a strong taste..unless of course, you like how strong it is. It weird eating it b/c it looks like you put koolaid on your salad, but it's really good. Especially if you have some of the baked chicken, and you melt some cheese onto the chicken. Of course, the cheese makes it a lil bad.. then again if you're looking for more cals for your meal, you can get it from their. I really like it. Like I said it's a strong taste and I don't have to use all 10 sprays. I did over the weekend and it was almost too much for my taste.

Well, I think that's all that I have to say for now. Hope all is well with everyone and that your motivation is still going strong!! :)


Jessica said...

That is exactly why I go by my scale at home and not theirs. That way I know it is regulated. lol

Good job! Keep up the great work!

I got sick of baked chicken so just started cooking it in the skillet and putting it in my salad. Kinda just being lazy too. I'll have to try those spritzers. Right now I'm doing a light raspberry vinegarette. I don't worry so much about the cals in the dressing cause I only put lettuce and peppers in my salad. I'm not gonna eat ranch though, that's super bad for me. haha

Donna Jo said...

I can eat chicken every day.. it's one of my I also eat some fish here and there and soups, so I have a little bit of a variety :) Anywho.. Aspen's scale is a machine that calculates the BMI and water and all that good stuff, too. And my scale was accurate w/ theirs last visit, so idk what happened..