This was taken Nov. '08.. a year and a month before I started I was a little bigger than this..


Wow, it's been FOREVER!!!

I'm sad to say I have fallen off my wagon :( But I am planning on getting back on. I haven't completely fell off.. I still eat pretty good.. but I have been allowing snacks... like chocolate covered icecream :( it sucks... I feel horrible and like a pig when I do, I don't know what's up with me!!! I'm still taking the adipex. And I'm staying under 200.. and I didn't take it like I was supposed to (only 1/2 a pill a day) for a few days because I couldn't afford the Rx..

This weekend is my birthday. Monday I will start back dieting and exercising like I'm supposed to. I posted a pic up top of me from November of 2008.. That was a year and a month give or take before I started my diet.. so I know I was bigger than that.. Like something stupid I didn't take a before pic or measurements! (such a loser!)

Anywho. It's really weird.. For awhile I was like "yeah, I'm looking damn good.. losing this weight woot" then one morning I woke up and BAM my thoughts were back to the "damn, I'm a fucking FAT ASS" when I looked in the mirror.. I know I should still be like "damn, I look good... 66 lbs off.. woot!" but I can't.. I think it's because I haven't been doing what I'm supposed to be doing.. We'll see.. I have to do.. I've lost 66.. I know I can lose the 50 more!!

I'll try to get a now pic up here for you.. All I have is headshots....

Hope all is going better for you!!

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smentha said...

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JB said...

I'm gonna post a pic soon, I want to be a little bit more closer to my goal or completely there though. I wish we could be workout buddies! These last 15 pounds are kicking my ass, it sucks!

You are doing sooo good! You look great! I am so proud of you!

Donna Jo said...

Thanks girl. You're doing great too!! Wish I could say "these last 15"!! BUT 50 is a lot closer than 110!!! :) So it's not that bad! It's just I'm in a BLAH rut right now... I'll get there... And I wish we could be workout buddies, too!! It would make it a lot more fun! :) Hope you get those last 15 soon!!