This was taken Nov. '08.. a year and a month before I started I was a little bigger than this..



...I rescheduled my appt. from Saturday to this afternoon. So I go to The Aspen Clinic at 4:30 today. Super fun.. But it sucks because normally I got in the mornings, so I only have breakfast in me.. so now I'm going in the afternoon so I'll have Breakfast, lunch, and everything I drink.. Oh well, I'll just get to lose more next time around, right? lol.. j/k!

I haven't been exercising like I should be.... BUT the good news is that time changed... so it's actually LIGHT outside when I get home! And me and my sister are supposed to be starting to walk on the trail next to where my niece plays soccer..during my niece's practice... We did it last week.. but didn't this week, unless we do it tonight.. So I'll get some walking down for sure 3 times a week...but I also have my gym membership, so I can always go there, too!

Which I did last night and this morning... now if only I could keep it up!! I think I will be because I saw in my Family Circle magazine last night a contest going on..don't remember the site or the company doing it.. anyways.. you register with their site (it's free!) and you enter in your walking information every day/evening/whenever and you're entered into a drawing. They're doing daily winners AND first place/grand prize winners, also. It's from April 5th-June 12..or was it July 12th? I'll get the info and post it on here this evening/weekend.. But the prizes are great exercise equipment.. and the grand prize is a trip... but like I said, I'll post all the details on here.

I might not have been exercising like I should be, but I've kept up my eating habits. Except for my pieces of chocolate I had this weekend....but I didn't binge eat or anything.. I just had 2 mini reece cups... so it's ok!

Anywho...I'll post my appointment results later this evening, also. :) Hope all is well with you guys!!

Current *UNofficial* weight:
209 lbs


Jessica said...

Keep up the good work!

Donna Jo said...

Thanks girly! :)

NaturalAshli said...

Wonderful. U inspired me to start a blog