This was taken Nov. '08.. a year and a month before I started I was a little bigger than this..



.... I was bad and didn't work out but just a lil bit last week. None this weekend, BUT I did just get back from doing 4 miles on the treadmill... I might try to get up early and go in the AM....if not I will go after work again. I like going in the PM b/c I get to stay longer and do 4 miles... BUT I also enjoy going in the AM... I feel SUPER AWESOME for the rest of the day when I go.. We'll see..

I did watch what I ate over the weekend. So, even though I wasn't gyming it up I was still dieting. I got kind of worried... I got bummed about eating over the weekend.. Idk why.. I just didn't want anything I had and it felt like dad was pressuring me b/c I haven't gotten any recipes for him and that everything he ends up cooking and trying to be healthy for me is stuff I cannot eat. They aren't going to eat a lot of the recipes I want to try, so it's hard for me to get recipes. AND I cannot cook, so that's a huge nope. SO I was just really BLAH when it came down to it... Yesterday I had a slim fast for breakfast, a bite of fish-but it tasted like MUD, gross!, so I threw it outfor lunch...and then I ended up eating some yogurt in the PM.. didn't realize what time it was, so I wasn't hungry for supper..SO that's what I had. AND I had another yogurt for a snack later on. I don't do that often, actually that's the first time it happened. Trust me. I eat meat and's just how it ended up playing out..

Anywho... so hopefully I'm back on track and everything will go right. My next appt. at the Aspen Clinic is Jan. 30th. I need to get back to losing some of this weight like I did last month.. I'm sure it was me eating less, now that my body is getting used to having the serving sizes that it's supposed to be having that it will be a lil harder to lose that much. We'll see!!

Current *unofficial* Weight:
233 lbs

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