This was taken Nov. '08.. a year and a month before I started I was a little bigger than this..


A slice of Raspberry Cheescake....

....after an awesome 4 miles on the treadmill... YUMM! haha JUST KIDDING...sort of!! It's YOPLAIT YOGURT!!!!!! and it's my fave. It tastes as close to raspberry cheesecake as it can get. It's great! :)

Anywho! I've been slacking on my exercise! Ugh!! It pisses me off, trust me! Why can't I just get up and go?! What a bummer.. I think getting on the scale and seeing that the numbers haven't changed much is motivation enough. At least let's hope so.

I haven't been sleeping very well at night time. That's one reason I worked out tonight and not this morning. I was able to do 4 miles though, which is very kick ass! in the morning I only have time to do one or two miles. Which is better than none. I think I might start going in am and pm. Do just a quick lil morning pick up thing and then in the evening go do a big one w/ 4 (or more if want to). I'm just afraid that is going to run me down.. All I can do is try it out, right?? Oh, and I took my meds a lil earlier than what I have been. I took them at 8:30 and 1 instead of 9 and 2..which I would end up taking the afternoon 1/2 closer to 3...that is probably all my problem was, if I would just stop what I'm doing and take the pill at 2 I'd probably be fine. Anywho. I'm taking them earlier for right now...We'll see if maybe that will help, too.

My trouble is the weekends. I just want to sit around and do absolutely nothing. I always say to myself, "hmm.. after I get done doing (insert any activity I happen to be doing here) I'm going to get my shoes on and go do a mile or 2." and I don't do it. I just start doing something else. I'm going to change that. I also think sleeping later is screwing me up too... Because come Friday I'll be able to get up and go work out easily in the a.m. BUT I sleep in on the weekends and then come monday I don't want to get up. SO I might try getting up like I do every other morning and go do a workout. That way I'm still getting up early.. My goal is to start getting up and going and at the gym for sometime between 4:30-5... If I can do that, I'll be able to do at least 3 miles. Depending on what time I get there. 4 if I get there before 5. It takes about 20mins to do a mile at 3.0 speed. Which is pretty fast for my turtle self. haha. We'll see how good I get to it. If I would just make myself get up and out of bed when the alarm goes off I could easily do this..

Ok. That's all I have to ramble about my weight loss trials? is that the word I'm trying to think of?? oh well, it works for me, and I'm the one that's writing this, so it's going to work :)

Current *Unofficial* Weight:
235 lbs.

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Jessica said...

no sleep? working out makes me sleep tons better! lol

I need to start doing twice a day too. I imagine when Kevin starts work next week I'll get up with him and be able to... hope so anyway!