This was taken Nov. '08.. a year and a month before I started I was a little bigger than this..



...making a note.

The pills aren't Hydroxycut w/ Hoodia... they are HOODIA from the makers of Hydroxycut. So that's why it's not on the list of recalled products. Checked some sites. Checked the label. And it doesn't contain the stuff that is causing the liver problems. So it will be ok. :)

Last night went to Arzi's after going shopping. Had a SMALL salad w/ wheat pita bread. Got SO full of that it was ridiculous! Oh well. Good sign, right?? :)

Hope you have a wonderful day!


Jessica said...

Ok, glad you checked it out to be sure! That shit makes me nervous cause I took it a few years ago! ugh

Angela said...

Hello! Following along! I started a healthy lifestyle about 5 years ago. I've journaled on several fitness sites for years and now have my own blog. Anyway, I did two figure contests and used HotRox by Biotest with good success. My combining my weight training and a clean diet I reached my goals. Just thought I'd share the product info. Good Luck!

I also post alot of recipes if you want to check them out.