This was taken Nov. '08.. a year and a month before I started I was a little bigger than this..



It's been like FOREVER since I was on here! Well, I started going to the Aspen Clinic on Dec. 5th. It's a weight loss clinic. I am taking ADIPEX 37.5mg and their vitamins called LIPO-BC. So far everything is going well. I'm exercising in the mornings, 1-3 miles on the treadmill. Still drinking only water, with the occasional juice. OH, and hot chocolate. I found some at wal-mart that is only 25 cals and has NO fat! Yay! for being able to have hot chocolate still! lol I don't drink it very often, but sometimes you just need a glass of hot chocolate to make the day better, right? haha

I know you probably are thinking "wtf are you thinking?! starting a diet in the Holiday season?!", but I've done really well with it. I did let myself cheat a little bit Friday and have some cake. But I pretty much kept to eating only foods I could have. except for the cornbread dressing, haha. But I watched my portions!!

My mom and dad have agreed to help me out by cooking things I can have. Of course, since I'm not eatting pork or beef. (staying w/ turkey, chicken, and fish) I stocked up on some veges and things for me to eat when they have beef or pork for supper. With it being cold I'm mainly eating soups. I don't care to eat soups in the warm/hot times of the year. So that's the main reason I'm doing that. For snacks I'm keeping yogurts around. Yum! And having fruits, also. I did have a fudge bar/popcicle/whatever the other night. I can have it..but when I ate it (and it's one of my faves!), it tasted SO gross to me... so I won't be having any more of those.

I go in Saturday, Jan 2nd for my 2nd visit. We'll see how much I've lost and all officially. But I will list my current status to the right, and at the end of my posts. That way I can look back and see my progress. Just remember it's NOT official! So if I come back on here Saturday and say more it's because my scale is off. I hope it isn't though!

Current *unofficial* Weight:
240 lbs

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Jessica said...

Yeah, I wish we lived closer. A work out buddy would be tons helpful. Well, good luck to you! Let's beat it this year!