This was taken Nov. '08.. a year and a month before I started I was a little bigger than this..


Good news.. my slump of not posting on blogger... I have not gained wait. Not so good news, I haven't lost any. Not saying it's bad. Just it isn't me losing any.

I don't really have anything to say. Except I started taking Hydroxycut w/ Hoodia on Monday and I have noticed that I don't eat a lot and get full w/ the less food intake than I had been taking the Slim Quick ones. This morning was my first time exercising since last Wednesday! Ugh! I know! HORRIBLE!!!! But I went this morning and that's a good thing! :)

Right now. Just so I won't be "skipping a meal" I am making myself eat a yogurt. I wasn't really hungry, but I know that skipping a meal is worse on you. It's not like I'm forcing it down. I wasn't hungry, but I wasn't full....if that makes any sense... Speaking of yogurt. I found a GREAT snack!! Edy's ice cream now makes YOGURT BLENDS. I have the TART HONEY one. And I have to say I REALLY like it. But to warn you. It doesn't taste like all the other frozen yogurts! (at least this one doesn't) I took a spoonful expecting the creamy ice cream taste to get hit w/ the taste of yogurt. Freaked me out, haha.. It is super good though. I think if you like yogurt you should try it out. (if you like honey try this one, if not grab a diff. one)

Nutrional Facts for serving size of 1/2 a cup: (again, this is the TART HONEY one!)
Calories: 100
Fat Calories: 15
Total Fat: 1.5g
Carbs: 20g
Fiber: 0g
Sugars: 16g
Protein: 2g

Looking at my yogurt now... other than the fat gram and a 1/2 and the 4 less protein it's the same. So yeah... Just thought I would share my thoughts on that. Please, if you try any of the other flavors please let me know!! :) It really helps b/c I was sitting at home watching my parents scoop out ice cream every night or whenever they would do it (i know I shouldn't snack at night, but sometimes....yeah... I'm so weak)... now I don't feel bad b/c it's YOGURT! And it's cold and textured like icecream...super yummy :)

Well, I really hope that all is going well on your end of the "getting healthy" spectrum! :) Have a good one kiddos!


Jessica said...


That yogurt sounds YUMO but too much fat since I'm using Alli. lol

Good job not gaining any! That's always my downfall...

Donna Jo said...

The one I'm taking isn't on there....And come to thank of it none of these were at walmart either when I went to get this... i'll double check :)

1.5g is too much fat?? weird. It's funny b/c I dip it into a measuring cup to eat, haha...