This was taken Nov. '08.. a year and a month before I started I was a little bigger than this..



....not very important, just thought I'd share what I just got done doing...

I went to the gym to do a mile..... I got on the treadmill and looked up to see THE GREEN MILE playing on the TV in front of me. SO I plugged in my headphones and walked away. I walked and walked and walked... then happened to look down to see my progress to see that I had walked for 61 minutes and like 3.03 miles @3.0 speed! (which is fast pace for me..I'm such a turtle) I was like "damn." and got off. I would've stayed longer, but I wanted to get home and get cooled off and everything before bed. Going back in the a.m. to do it again... This time I won't turn off the alarm.. I'll snooze it....or hey.. I may just get up on the first time and walk a really long time.. We'll see!! :)

Current *Unofficial* Weight:
240 lbs


Jessica said...

I need to either put a tv in the workout room or bring the treadmill and/or elliptical in the bedroom... I used to do really good when I had the elliptical in the living room and watched tv. lol

Donna Jo said...

lol w/o the tv I would probably not enjoy it that much. of course I have to share the tvs w/ other most of the time I'm looking at the tv but listening to my ipod. Sometimes I'm lucky and the people that are already there are jamming out to good music, too.. all in all I'm glad I joined the gym..gets me out of the house for at least 30mins a day, haha.